Seven Seeds Filter Coffee: Colombia, La Piramide AAA (250g)

Seven Seeds Filter Coffee: Colombia, La Piramide AAA (250g)



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TASTES LIKE Raspberry, Grapefruit & Candied Lemon
PROFILE Delicate & Clean


This coffee is from a group of 400 small growers in one of Colombia’s most beautiful, and inaccessible locations, Inza. Canyons and rivers snake through the high elevations of the Colombian Andes range, where the farms lie at 1,700 – 2,000 masl. The Asociacion was set up to create better traceability and pricing, as previously their coffee was sold as generic ‘Huila Coffee’. Processing occurs at micro mills on each farm, and dried on greenhouse drying beds, or Kenyan beds.


ORIGIN Inza, Cauca, Colombia
PRODUCER Asociacion de Caficultores del Oriente
PROCESS Fully Washed
VARIETIES Caturra, Typica
HARVEST May – July & Oct – Dec
PARTNERS Caravela 


We determined a sustainable, profitable price for the growing longevity with the producer. We’ve listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price that we paid to Caravela, and within that, the Farmgate price – what the Asociacion directly earned for their coffee as parchment. On top of FOB, we then shipped this coffee to Melbourne, complete quality assessments, roast (resulting in a 15% weight loss), & retail it, adding significant costs & risk. You can read more about the way we source coffee via our website.

Compare the different trading models to see what the Asociacion would have received if they hadn’t sold to Seven Seeds.

SEVEN SEEDS 5.47 7.42
COMMODITY 2.97 3.55
FAIRTRADE varies 4.42