Specialty Coffee

Lex Coffee is an Australian-style inspired café. In other words, high quality, healthy, and creativity in food and coffee are guaranteed. Enabled by our advanced supply chain management, we are proud to offer you specialty coffee at a reasonable price. Our high quality service is guaranteed by partnering with one of the best coffee roasters in the world, Melbourne-based Seven Seeds. We import their fresh coffee beans every week, including Espresso Blend, Single Origin Espresso, Filter Coffee. Besides Espresso Based Coffee, Filter Coffee, we offer many creative alternatives. Seven Seeds coffee beans are so good, we recommend you to extend that pleasure by buying some home. Just ask our staff.


Unlike many parts of the world, barista in Australia is not a part-time job for college students. It is a prosperous career choice for many ambitious young men and women. They are systematically trained and tested through many international competitions. Lex Coffee honours that tradition by inviting winners of World Barista Championship and coffee celebrities for occasional workshops. Join us, if the difference between mediocre coffee and specialty coffee matters a great deal to you.

Intro to Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is a roaster, café and wholesaler based in Melbourne, Australia. They source, import, roast and sell first-class coffees around the world. Their coffee offerings are seasonal, and constantly changing throughout the year. They carefully roast each new coffee to bring out the best and tastiest characteristics.