Healthy Cuisine







A café will not be considered true Australian style if healthy cuisine is absent. At Lex Coffee, high quality is not only guaranteed in coffee, but also in food. Fresh ingredients, culinary creativity, and artistic presentation together give you both visual and palate pleasure. From our brunch set, main course, to French dessert, you are safe from overuse of oil, sugar, and salt. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. You deserve some gourmet seafood, prime steak, and Venchi chocolate to mark a fulfilling day.


Prawn Linguine with Lobster Sauce

Fresh prawns, juicy and well-seasoned. Served with linguine, coming with fire-roasted tomatoes with baby spinach. Finished with creamy and full-texture lobster sauce.

Prime Rib Eye with Black Truffles Mashed Potato

8 ounce of ultimate prime rib. Juicy, tender, and full of flavour. Slowly roasted and served with homemade black truffles mashed potato.