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Lex Coffee is introducing the new concept of an art-fé. What is an art-fé? It is the combination of a high-end café, a fine-dining restaurant, a top-notch art space, and above of all, a community for those who pursue quality life.

At Lex Coffee, you have the closest distance with master artworks, while enjoying our specialty coffee and being delighted by our gourmet cuisine. Many of the displayed artworks and art derivatives are for sale. If you fall in love with a piece by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Yoshitomo Nara, or KAWS, you may take it home. If you want to share your passion for art, or learn more about art, Lex Coffee’s art events is where you can start.

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Vincent, the owner of Lex Coffee, is a licensed coffee grader and an art expert. On his visit to a renowned art collector and professor, he was introduced to the world of specialty coffee by one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world: Geisha. Impressed by its soothing aroma, the unique fruity taste one can appreciate in Geisha’s beans, Vincent decided to share the beauty of specialty coffee with all coffee enthusiasts. To cherish that beautiful memory, he chose the image of the Geisha flower for his coffee shop logo. It shows how much he is connected with art, and how devoted he is to maintaining maximum level in coffee quality. This is the philosophy of Lex Coffee. A place where art meets coffee.

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As an art expert for years in international auction house, Vincent knows art like the back of his palm. But sometimes, art can appear obscure or distant. This is what Lex Coffee is dedicated to make a difference: bringing art to everyone’s life. Join Lex Coffee’s art community, you will start a life with an artful touch. At an art-fé like ours, you are able to appreciate 100% authentic art, and own limited edition of artists’ multiples or art derivatives, at a price you can afford.

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